NPDEXPCOMBO2 Universal Combo Tray

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At AMPD Marine, we take great pride in providing you plenty of options to equip your fishing boat just right and we have plenty of universal options that will upgrade your tackle organization. Try this Universal Combo tray that fits 3700 series standard boxes and measures 19.25” in length and 15” in width.

Bass Mafia and Academy Express H20 tackle trays will not fit in the tackle box tray.

Comes with one locking key to be used with another tray of a different size to fit your compartment. See other universal units to fit your compartment size.

2.5 tray Length 6" Width 15"

3.5 tray Length 8 1/4" Width 15"

4.5 tray Length 10.5"  Width 15"

5.5 tray Length 12 3/4" Width 15"

7.5 tray Length 17 1/4" Width 15"

8.5 tray Length 19 1/2" Width 15"

100% Made in the USA  

Designed in America and built by workers right here in the United States. Take pride in your purchase knowing that you're supporting US families and jo

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